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More about me

I start presenting my self, apologizing everyone for my bad english (I am not using any sort of translator or AI, because this is my main language I use everyday at work... So let's start...)

I am born in Madrid, Spain, by Italian mother and Spanish father. I spent most of my life in Italy, about 34 years. I am both Spanish-Italian citizenship. In April 2019, I moved to Poland, which is where I met my wife, and where I am currently living and working as cloud software engineer with ASP.NET in VB, C# and Azure.

In the past, I already owned a personal blog: it was made with Flatnuke, a flat cms that stores everything on text (xml) files. Unfortunately this cms is not working properly anymore, due to php incompatibilities (REALLY it's a pity that this wonderful cms is not maintained anymore)... and after all, I lost my original source files developed during that period. After long time without owning a blog, I decided to create a new personal web space, and here we go! Welcome!

This blog shows my passion for Music, photography, retrocomputing and Automation IoT: yes, it's true that I have a lot of hobbies, especially tied to the world of computing, music and electronics (IoT and automation, due to the passion I put on my previous job in Poland: I was working in Industry Automation before moving to Cloud Computing and Web Applications in Azure).

I am a BIG nostalgic of Commodore brand and especially the Amiga Computers. Commodore definitively changed definitively my life during my childhood, when I was 14th, my first computer was a VIC 20. Affascinated how programs works, I started exploring BASIC language, amd experimenting writing some program. At that time I was a bit introvert guy, often sitting in front of my computer... Many of my stuff here are related to the Amiga and Commodore World.

I am also a music producer, I use FL Studio since 2004 as my main digital audio workstation. I used it especially to deploy remixes of famous and rarities amiga game songs on AmigaRemix.com. You can listen to them here: https://www.amigaremix.com/?q=Isaac%20Garcia%20Peveri. Of course, on youtube I don't have only amiga remixes but also original compositions done in FL Studio. I am planning to start some new remix for this fantastic community, so let's stay tuned.

After a long period of inactivity, recently I started to make music again, but this time on a real Amiga 1200 which I possess, sampling all the sounds from my VSTi collection and my Yamaha keyboard. This because I wonder how is making music like in the 90's with limited hardware (remember that the fantastic Amiga's sound chip Paula, has only 4 channels).

Welcome to my world. I hope you enjoy your tour on this new adventyre. Maybe, you want to leave some comment by writing an email in the "Contacts section".

Thank You :)

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